Damage Deposit

We hold all credit cards provided for a minimum $400.00 damage deposit. This is not limited to the minimum as charges may exceed based on damages and cleaning requirements. The credit card is required prior to check-in. An authorization of your credit card may be used for the damage deposit.

Rules and Regulations
By booking your reservation, you are acknowledging that as the registered guest you agree to all of the rules and regulations below. Non-adherence to these rules could affect the return of your security deposit and may result in your eviction from the unit you rented and from the property of The Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve. You furthermore authorize The Limberlost Forest to charge the credit card used at the time of booking or Check-in for any outstanding charges on your account after your departure.

  1. As the registrant of the rented unit ot site, you must be at least 25 years of age and shown government ID
  2. As the holder of the registered credit card used for the damage deposit, you must remain in unit or space for the duration of the contracted stay with Limberlost Forest. The registered guest accepts responsibility for other unit or space occupants that are in violation of the rules laid out within this document.
  3. Smoking inside the units is not permitted at any time. If any traces of smoking are detected, a minimum charge of $200 will be added to your credit card.
  4. Pets are allowed in the rental units but you are expected to clean up after them. If any damages are made to the unit or the property or if any extensive cleaning is needed because of your pets, then the charges will be added to your credit card.
  5. If any extensive cleaning is needed because of you and or your guests, then the charges will be added to your credit card.
  6. Any damage caused to the rented unit, space or the property (including but not limited to damage to furniture, fixtures, flooring, walls, doors, appliances, and the unit’s exterior) will be paid by the registrant. The Limberlost Forest reserves the right to charge the cost of damage to the Credit Card on file, or invoice, and agree to provide the guest with a statement of charges.
  7. Alcohol may not be served to minors. Illegal substances are not allowed at any time on the premise. Drunken/Violent disturbances are prohibited and subject to immediate removal from the premise and possible termination of rental without refund.
  8. All outdoor events creating noise and music must be significantly reduced by 11PM
  9. Use of pyrotechnics/fireworks are redistricted on the Limberlost property.

By providing a credit card you are agreeing that you have read and understand the above rules and regulations.