How far is Limberlost from Toronto?
Limberlost is approximately 245 km north of Toronto. Drive time is about 2½ hours. See
Directions for more details.

When is the Reserve open for day visitors?
The gates are unlocked daily from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

If the gates are closed can we still use the Reserve?
The gates are unlocked daily from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Please drive up to the stop sign and the gate will open in front of you. If the gates are locked and you would like to come in to hike, please park outside the property and walk in, stop at the Check-In Booth to sign your waiver, and continue by foot to where you’d like to hike.

What is the average temperature?
During summer temperatures generally range from 25° to 30°C. Winter temperatures usually range from -15° to 0°C.

Are dogs allowed on the trails?
Yes. We do ask that you keep them on leash, and remove anything they leave behind off the trails.

When do the fall colours occur?
The fall colours usually start in late-September, continuing into early October.

How close is the nearest town?
Dwight lies 20 km to the southeast and Huntsville 24 km to the southwest. Essential grocery supplies can be obtained at Interlaken and Hillside grocery stores, both approximately 12 km away.

Why is Algonquin Park so famous?
Algonquin Park was founded in 1893 as one of the largest parks in the world with 2,500 fresh water lakes. It was made famous by Canadian painters Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. The Limberlost Algonquin Outpost is adjacent to the Park’s southern boundary, and the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve is within a 30 minute drive from the west entrance to the Park.