Recreational fishing is permitted on Helve, Burns and Buck lake.  Those >16yrs or <65yrs wishing to fish require an Ontario fishing license (and Outdoors card) and must follow Ontario regulations including season and catch limits.

Fishing Rates:

  • $60/person/day 
  • Children 16 and under: FREE

Helve Lake: Surface Area: 17 ha, Maximum Depth: 15 m, Mean Depth: 4 m. Major Fish Species: brook trout. Other Fish Species: brook stickleback, blacknose shiner, fathead minnow, northern redbelly dace.  Current Stocking: speckeled trout (stocked privately in the spring and fall). 

Burns Lake: Surface Area: 12 ha. Maximum Depth: 15 m. Mean Depth: 3 m. Major Fish Species: yellow perch, brook trout.  Other Fish Species: white suckerCurrent Stocking: speckled trout (stocked privately in the spring).

Buck Lake: Surface Area: 40 ha. Maximum Depth: 27 m. Mean Depth: 15 m. Major Fish Species: smallmouth bass (I), rainbow trout (S), yellow perch, brook trout (E?), lake trout.  Other Fish Species: white sucker.  Current Stocking: rainbow trout (stocked privately in the spring and fall).  

Solitaire Lake: Surface Area: 122 ha. Maximum Depth: 30 m. Mean Depth: 11 m. Major Fish Species: lake trout, burbot, yellow perch, smallmouth bass.  Other Fish Species: white sucker, brown bullhead, lake chub, lake whitefish, fathead minnow, creek chub, common shiner, golden shiner, pearl dace, round whitefish; slimy sculpin. Current Stocking: None.  

Fisheries Management Zone 15 Seasons and Limits

Brook Trout: Jan. 1 to Sept. 30  S – 5 C – 2

Lake Trout: Jan. 1 to Sept. 30  S – 2 C – 1

Rainbow Trout: Open all year  S – 5 C – 2

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass or any combination: 4th Sat. in June to Nov. 30  S – 6 C – 2

Exceptions to Zone 15 Regulations

Solitaire Lake – Lake Trout open from 3rd Sat. in May – Sept. 30


Please note:

  • Snowmobiles are not permitted
  • Electric boat motors only
  • Live fish may not be used as bait or possessed for use as bait (however worms are permitted)