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FAMILY COTTAGES                       nightly rate (per person)                  weekly

Solitaire Lodge (max 18)                $99* (min occupancy 7)                        $3,800/week*

Buck Lake Lodge (max 14)            $99 * (min occupancy 7)                       $3,800/week*

Owl’s Nest Cottage (max 16)         $99* (min occupancy: 5)                       $2,700/week*

Long House Cottage (max 10)       $99* (min occupancy 5)                       $2,700/week*

River’s Bay Cottage (max 9)           $99* (min occupancy 5)                       $2,700/week*

Amron Cottage (max 6)                 $99* (min occupancy 3)                       $2,700/week*

Water’s Edge Cottage (max 4)        $99* (min occupancy 3)                       $2,700/week*

*Available weekly (July & August), minimum 2-night stay September-June.  Nightly pricing: for guests >12yrs, $99/night for each additional person over 12yrs.


Helve Lodge Fish Camp (max 8)   $115** (min occupancy 4)                         $1,250/week***

Maniwaki Fish Camp (max 8)        $115** (min occupancy 4)                         $1,250/week***

Burns Lake Fish Camp (max 7)      $115** (min occupancy 4)                         $1,250/week***

Long Lake Fish Camp (max 10)     $50 (min occupancy 4)                                $1,250/week

**Minimum 2-night stay.  $50/person/night if not fishing .  Nightly pricing: for guests: >12yrs.

***Additional fishing fee of $40/person/day of fishing

CAMPSITES (include 10′ x 10′ rest cabin with wood stove)

High Lake (max 6)                         $100/night                                              $500/week

Lee Lake (max 15)                         $100/night                                              $500/week

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