ice cliffs map

ice cliffs 1The Limberlost property is punctuated with a number of large rock faults. Where the Earth’s surface has risen or collapsed, granite cliffs protrude and rock canyons are depressed into the landscape.

In time, many of these canyons filled with water to form lakes, with large sections being fairly deep, making them attractive for fish and other forms of aquatic life.
Some of the more attractive granite cliffs can be found on the northwest side of High Lake. Since these particular cliffs are sheltered from direct sunlight during the winter and spring months by tall, mature trees, water flowing from the plateau over the top of the cliffs and seeping down its upper face form
large vertical sheets of ice.

The ice sheets form in much the sameice cliffs 2 manner as stalactites do in calcium caves, hanging from the top of the cliffs and eventually anchoring themselves to the ice building up from the ground.