Rock Cave mapOne of the most attractive sights on the Solitaire Trail is the approach from the southern entrance to the Windy Cave. You will be struck by the vast size and extent of this very large rock overhang.


Triangular CaveThe Windy Cave is immediately south of the Hidden Cliffs in the southwestern corner of Lake Solitaire  . It is an attractive sight in both the winter and the summer. The protection provided by the overhang and the nearby Hidden Cliffs provides shelter for many different animals and birds. When a storm is approaching, it is not unusual to find numerous birds congregating in the rock crevices and nearby trees.

Similar to the path above Teda’s Rise on the east side of Lake Solitaire, the trail previously climbed up and over the Hidden Cliffs and the Windy Cave. The boardwalk was installed below the Hidden Cliffs to avoid this climb and to provide direct access to the cave. This also removed the trail from an area which has large cavities between the rocks and where bears have been known to hibernate.

Other caves of importance on the reserve include Fisher Cave on the east side ofsmall caves Lake Solitaire and Triangular Cave high up the cliff on the north end of High Lake. Fisher Cave in reality is also a large rock overhang which substantially closes in during the winter as an ice wall covers its open side.

An underwater cave is reported to exist beneath the cliffs at the south end of Buck Lake. In recent times attempts to locate this cavern have been unsuccessful.