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Ecological/Forestry Publications

Objective Ecology – A Study of Global Warming and Popular Views
This book contains a comprehensive review of climate change in the context of a sustainable prosperous society. It shows that there is still much to learn about climate change, and raises questions such as: Who is equipped to judge whether the Earth’s current climate is ideal?

The Forests of Canada – A Study of the Canadian Forestry Sector and its Position in the Global Timber Trade
This book examines Canada’s forestry sector within the global timber trade. Its thesis is that foresters in Canada enjoy unrivaled natural advantages, but major reforms – from privatizing some Crown forests to accessing emerging economies – will be necessary for their long-term success.

The Forests of Eastern Russia – A Study of the Competitiveness of Forestry in Siberia and Russian Far East
Eastern Russia is a region facing enormous challenges, but it has great potential. If investors, foresters and scholars in Canada understand the forestry sector of Siberia and Russian Far East, every wood-based business will benefit. This book hopes to answer one simple question – Is the forestry sector of Siberia and Russian Far East competitive in the global timber trade? – with a combination of hard data, straightforward analysis, and on-the-ground observations.

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