Rustic Outposts

For those looking for a more remote experience with a rustic feel. Our remote rustic outposts offer an unbeatable feeling of being immersed in nature.

Our outposts help you get back to basics – following the sun and the stars. These camps are equipped with propane stove, solar fridges, and solar lighting. No electricity to help you disconnect, and hand-pumped water from the lake. Multi-element stoves and a BBQ for your cooking needs. All of our Outposts utilize gravity-flush toilets. Please note our outpost camps do not come with Aluminum Boats.

Note: All of our rustic Outpost accommodations are situated deep into Limberlost – requiring a 4-wheel drive /AWD vehicle for access.


A secluded and simplistic cabin at the southern end of the reserve. This is the only Outpost on Burns lake, which means that the local wildlife can thrive. This was one of our original fish camps, the scenery is beautiful, one of our most quiet locations and offers an off grid experience. Even though we provide some comforts of a propane stove, solar fridge, solar lighting please be prepared for a rustic stay.

– Sleeps: 10.
– 2 bedrooms: one with three twin bunks, the other with a two twin bunks.
– 1 two-piece washroom
– Kitchen with propane stove, has 4 elements.
– Comfortable living/dining room, solar fridge and solar lighting.

Wood Stove and Fireplace INOPERABLE. (Fireplace and woodstove are not in service)

Equipment & Furnishings:
For an in-depth list of what is and is not provided at each accommodation, see our What to Bring page.