Page Updated: March 19th 2023

Park and Ski:

To protect skiers and wildlife on the woodland roads, vehicles are required to be left at one of the designated parking areas. The principal parking areas provide direct access to the major ski trails. Please always drive slowly and safely and carefully observe the posted speed limit of 20 km an hour. Parking areas are marked on the map below.

Click here to download a PDF copy of our winter Ski Map.

Trail Conditions:

2023 Ski Season is Open!

March 19th Update: Finally had enough snow to do a reset of some of our trails.

Might be one of the last grooms of the season with how the weather has been going. We will update as the snow conditions continue to change.

We’ve had to close Burns, Helve, and Long Lake trails for road repairs. No longer skiable for the remainder of the season.

Classic/Skate Trails

TrailDifficultyOpen?Groomed?Trackset?Date Groomed
Barlow GreenYesYesYes19/03/2023
Buck Lake Loop*GreenYesYesYes19/03/2023
Buck Lake CrossingGreenYESYesYes19/03/2023
Burns LakeGreenCLOSED
Helve Lake Loop*BlueCLOSED
Helve Lake CrossingGreenCLOSED
High LakeBlueYesYesYes19/03/2023
High Lake CutBlackYesNoNo
High – Spaniel LinkBlue/BlackYesNoNo
Lee LakeGreenYesNoNo
Lee Lake LoopBlueYesNoNo
Long LakeGreenCLOSED
McReynold ValleyGreenYesYesYes19/03/2023
McReynold – Lee ConnectorGreenYesYesYes19/03/2023
Peeler Ski TrailGreen/BlueYesYesYes04/03/2023
Peeler LoopGreen/BlueYesYesYes04/03/2023
Solitaire Lake Loop*GreenCLOSED
Solitaire Lake Crossing*GreenCLOSED
Spaniel LoopBlue/BlackYesYesYes19/03/2023
* Lake crossings are dependent on ice conditions. When crossings are not established Buck and Helve loops are both out-and-backs instead of loops. You cross the ice at your own risk when they have not been groomed.

Backcountry/Downhill Trails

Ski Hill TrailYesDouble Black
These trails are not groomed and traverse the old ski hill, expect significant grade changes.

(Trail difficulty follows the same scheme as lift-access skiing, in increasing difficulty: Green -> Blue -> Black -> Double Black)