Page Updated: April 3rd 2022

Park and Ski:

To protect skiers and wildlife on the woodland roads, vehicles are required to be left at one of the designated parking areas. The principal parking areas provide direct access to the major ski trails. Please always drive slowly and safely and carefully observe the posted speed limit of 20 km an hour.

Trail Conditions:

Thanks for another great skiing season, trails are now closed.

Expect more upgrades to our ski network next winter!

Buck LakeClosed
Helve LakeClosed
High LakeClosed
Solitaire LoopClosed
Statue Hill

Long Lake

Quartz Trail



The trails at the Limberlost Forest provide access to innumerable special natural features as well as tours around a number of the larger lakes. Guests are encouraged to familiarize themselves with trail guide and safety information before embarking on their day tour.
Access of the Limberlost Forest is available at the main gate located 3 km off of Muskoka Road 8 (Limberlost Road) in Lake of Bays. Limberlost does not permit the recreational use of snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, or any gas powered motor boats, however skis are encouraged.

Ski trails on the Limberlost Reserve are groomed and qualify as high quality trails. As such, they are suitable for individuals who prefer to enjoy nature at their leisure.