Safety Responsibility Contract

We the undersigned have requested permission for ourselves our families and accompanying associates to visit the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve (“Limberlost”), reside for an agreed period and participate in the outdoor recreational activities available. We fully acknowledge the Limberlost’s right to refuse entry and service to day-visitors.

We understand that day-visitor hours are from 9am-5pm and agree to observe and respect these hours. We fully acknowledge that use of the property is contingent on fully completing this safety waiver and that use of the property without completing this waiver is prohibited.  We fully acknowledge that we are required to observe all posted rules, cautions and speed limits. We fully acknowledge that day-visitors are prohibited from entering and/or using Limberlost property while under the influence of alcohol and that day-visitors are prohibited from consuming alcohol while on Limberlost property.

We fully understand that our current or any future visit(s) to Limberlost and our participation in any related recreational activities could pose physical danger for ourselves, our families, and accompanying associates.  We acknowledge our personal responsibility for safety and accept and assume all of the risks and liabilities for injury, including death to ourselves, our families and accompanying associates and any loss or damage to their or our property.

In exchange for being permitted to visit Limberlost, we hereby release and indemnify the Limberlost Associates from any and all claims, losses and other liabilities arising from our visit(s). We acknowledge that we have read, understood and agreed to this release and indemnity and confirm that each of the Limberlost Associates may rely on the statements made therein and that they shall remain binding on each of us, our heirs, and assigns with respect to this or any future visit(s) to Limberlost.