Rules & Regulations

We have put some rules and regulations in place to protect not only the guests of Limberlost but our lakes and wildlife as well. It is important that we all follow these rules to insure that Limberlost Forest and Wilderness Reserve stays true to it’s name.

The following activities are strictly prohibited at Limberlost  

Fireworks are not permitted on Limberlost Property.

Motorized watercraft are not permitted on Limberlost Property. 

Off road vehicles such as dirt bikes and ATV are not permitted on our roads.

Firearms of any kind.

Disturbing, destroying, or removing plants and animals.

Introducing plants, animals, or anything else to the reserve landscape.

At Limberlost Forest and Wilderness Reserve, the following regulations also apply

Safety responsibility contract is required. You must sign our safety responsibility form (and other applicable permits) before exploring the reserve.

Camping in only our designated camping locations. Camping anywhere else on the property is restricted.

You must pack out everything you bring in, including cans, glass, and other garbage.

No snowmobiling is permitted in the reserve.

Dogs are permitted, if they are kept under control at all times.

Hunting and the use of ATVs for game retrieval is not allowed in the reserve.

During some seasons, open fires may be prohibited. Contact your local fire department to determine if open fires are permitted. Completely extinguish fires before leaving.