What better way to clear your mind than to be alone, surrounded by nature, with a single and simple thought: “put this disc in that basket”
Patrick McCormick
Zen and the Art of Disc Golf

The Limberlost Links Disc Golf course is centrally located on the property, near both the main public parking area and the office.  Patrons should park at the main lot and continue on the course on foot, a walk of 100m. There is a kiosk when you arrive at the course, where you will find relevant information posted.  Adjacent is the 9th basket, perfect for putting practice. Sturdy/athletic footwear is wise and there is raspberry cane in the “rough”.

The Limberlost Links course is built on a ridge of granite.  To reach the first tee, patrons walk up the first section of the ridge.  The first tee overlooks the highlands surrounding it and the expanse of Solitaire Lake.  The north side of the ridge is forested with maple, beech and large white pine. The first five holes twist their way through this forested area.  There is considerable elevation lost and gained during these holes. The final four holes descend the south-facing side of the ridge through an open, landscaped “links” section.  The views from these holes are stunning. Wind is often a challenge through this section of the course and it can seem to blow in a different direction on each hole.  

There are nine baskets on the Limberlost Links course.  The baskets are the “holes” in disc golf. Each basket has two tee positions, one shorter and one longer.  These are marked by signs at each hole. The course was designed to challenge a range of skill-levels. Beginners should start by trying the short tees.  More advanced players will also find the short tees challenging, but may want to go around the course twice, once from the shorts and once from the longs to play a round of 18 holes.

The ridge the Limberlost Links course sits upon is also home to the sculpture trail.  There are numerous wood, and bronze sculptures dotting the course.  

The Game

The basics of the game are simple and identical to ball-golf.  Throw the disc from the tee to the hole in as few throws as possible.  Challenge yourself. Have fun. Enjoy the outdoors.

When playing a game, the initial throw on each hole should happen from the tee pad, and on subsequent throws from just behind where the previous shot landed.  This continues until the disc is sitting in the basket.

There are special discs for playing disc golf, which are smaller and more dense than other types of flying discs or “frisbees”.  There are many types of disc golf discs, but beginners should consider using a “putter” or “mid-range” disc. 

Please respect the course, the property, other players and other users of Limberlost Forest Reserve during your visit.  Please remove litter and leave natural items as you’ve found them. If you have any concerns, please report them to the office. 

Have a great game!