For general information about our rentals, please see our accommodations page.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Pricing

All accommodations are available for rent for 2 or more nights, holiday weekends require a minimum of 3 night rentals. Campsites are a one night minimum unless on a weekend or holidays. Children under 12 are free. Tax not included.

(See Summer Rates below)

Spring and Fall Discount Rates:
Between March 6th to May 18th 2023, 7 days a Week, and from October 9th to October 31st 2023, Sunday through Thursday, all Lodge and Cottage rentals are 40% off!
(Discount does not apply to Outpost or Campsite rentals)

AccommodationNightly Base RateAdditional Guests
Max Occupancy
Solitaire Lodge$775 (7 Adults)+$105/person/night18
Buck Lake Lodge$825 (7 Adults)+$105/person/night16
Long House$625 (5 Adults)+$105/person/night13
River’s Bay$545 (5 Adults)+$105/person/night9
Owl’s Nest$400 for single cottage (3 Adults)
$700 for both cottages
(5 Adults)
+$105/person/night6 (Cottage 1)
10 (Cottage 2)
16 Combined
Amron$400 (3 Adults)+$105/person/night6
Water’s Edge$345 (3 Adults)+$105/person/night8
Outposts:Nightly Base Rate
Additional Guests
Max Occupancy
Maniwaki$300 (4 Adults)+$75/person/night8
Helve$300 (4 Adults)+$75/person/night8
Burns $220 (4 Adults)+$55/person/night10
(Up to 6 people)
Buck North 1 (Cedar Meadows):
(Not on water)
(Up to 6 people)
Camping Cabins:
(Up to 4 people)
$100 for 2 adults, each additional is +$30$750/week
Lee Lake Campsites
(Up to 6 people)

Summer Pricing

In July and August, we only offer full week rentals of our Lodges and Cottages (7 nights). Our weekly lodge rentals are Saturday – Saturday, and our weekly Cottage rentals are Sunday-Sunday.

This does not apply to Campsites and Outposts which do not require weekly rentals in the summer. Tax not included.

AccommodationWeekly Rate
Max Occupancy
Solitaire Lodge$420018
Buck Lake Lodge$420016
Long House$295013
River’s Bay$29509
Owl’s Nest$3400
(both cottages)
6 (Cottage 1)
10 (Cottage 2)
16 Combined
Water’s Edge$29508