Hiking Trails – Free to use

Open to the public  9am – 5pm

Safety Waiver mandatory:
Sign Here. 

  • Hi Folks!
    It is with great pleasure to announce that Limberlost Forest Trails are open.
    However, this is not a complete return to normal for day-use as several amenities will not be available and several restrictions will remain  in place—please read on if you are keen on paying us a visit over the coming weeks and be aware that procedures may change as time goes on.
    What is available: Hiking, biking, running, snowshowing, skiing and disc golf. Please do not arrive expecting frisbees, picnics, or public washrooms.
    What is not available: Picnic benches, rest cabins, checkin booths, outhouses, portable toilets, beaches, paper maps, swim areas, water access and guest services.
    In order to gain day-use access to the property:
    -All users must complete the safety waiver online. It is as critical as ever that all day-users fully complete the safety waiver before starting on any hikes. If you have not completed the safety waiver, you are not permitted to enter the property.
    -All users must respect the day-use hours of 9am-5pm.
    -Parties and vehicles that either failed to sign in or respect the operating hours will be removed at the owner’s expense.
    Temporary Hiking Procedures:
    -Passing other hikers: When two hiking groups meet as one catches up on the other. The overtaking group must give the other group enough space and time to step off the trail as they pass while maintaining a safe distance.
    -Debris or trees on the trail:  There may be downed branches or wood on our trails. If you encounter anything too big to be safely ‘foot-shoved’ off the path, please let us know—pro-tip: open up google maps on you phone, locate yourself, take a screenshot of you phone and send it to us!
    -Picnicking and resting areas: We will not have any picnicking or resting areas available at this time. This is just for now, and soon we will be back to normal.
    -Bathrooms, outhouses, and portable toilets: We are sorry for the inconvenience but these will not be available. Please consider this before planning you trip, and prepare yourself appropriately (and please no cat holes along the trails).
    -Garbage: Please pack out all garbage. This includes granola bar wrappers and dog poop bags. If you bring it in, you bring it out (this goes for your pooches too).
    General Requirements:
    -If you are feeling unwell, suspect that you have been in contact with someone who may have Covid-19, or have travelled within the last 14 days: please follow the information and requirements communicated by our public officials. This includes staying home—hiking at Limberlost is not considered staying home.
    -If you plan to enjoy some rec time with some friends out on a hike, please travel to Limberlost responsibly. This means, do not carpool with people outside of your household.
    -Maintain diligence and discipline with respect to physical distancing but don’t be afraid to say hello to the other hikers and give us a wave!
    -Whatever you do, please be safe, responsible, and respectful.
    We hope that we will see a more normal Limberlost Forest day-use program return in the near future but in the meantime, we ask that you respect our new temporary rules and conduct yourselves with maximum caution and diligence as you head out for an adventure at Limberlost. We are doing everything that we can to keep you safe while also providing what we all find to be a highly valued and appreciated public service of safe and free outdoor recreation, but we need your participation and compliance. If you see other users who are behaving in a way that might make you think they have not fully understood the current situation or our rules, please show them patience but also help educate them. Let them know
    that we will do all that we can to keep hiking available but that it is only possible if we all do our part.
    TLDR: Hours are 9am-5pm, no toilets or garbage available, no picnicking, maintain physical distance, be good people and stay safe.
    We look forward to seeing you folks out again soon!!

Park and Hike

To protect hikers and wildlife on the woodland roads, vehicles are required to be left at one of the designated parking areas.

The principal parking areas provide direct access to the major hiking trails.

Please always drive slowly and safely and carefully observe the posted speed limit of 20km an hour.

Master Trail Guide

Hiking is our specialty.
 Master Trail Guide.

The trails at the Limberlost Forest provide access to innumerable special natural features as well as tours around a number of the larger lakes. Guests are encouraged to familiarize themselves with trail guide and safety information before embarking on their day tour.
Access of the Limberlost Forest is available at the main gate located 3 km off of Muskoka Road 8 (Limberlost Road) in Lake of Bays. Limberlost does not permit the recreational use of snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, or any gas powered motor boats, however, bicycles, paddles, hiking boots, and snowshoes are welcome and encouraged

  • Just past the gates to Limberlost you’ll find a self serve kiosk on your left-hand side
  • Park your car in the designated parking lot
  • In the kiosk you’ll find
    1. a guest parking pass to display in your car
    2. trail maps 
    3. Read and sign the Safety Waiver.
  • To protect hikers and wildlife on the woodland roads, vehicles are required to be left at one of a number of designated parking areas. Each of these are a short walk to the start of a major hiking trail. Be sure to have a copy of the Master Trail Guide.
  • Feel free to stop by our office on the right hand side 300 meters past the self-serve kiosk for trail information, conditions, and suggestions

Limberlost is famous for its varied hiking trails. Their development began more than 80 years ago.

In total, Limberlost offers more than 70 km of woodland trails and extensive woodland roads, rated as to the grade and quality to cater to those seeking more strenuous exercise.

More than two-thirds of the trails on the Limberlost Reserve are groomed and qualify as high quality trails, as opposed to rugged hiking paths. As such, they are suitable for joggers as well as individuals who prefer to enjoy nature at their leisure.

Furthermore, large sections of the trails have been widened to enable hikers to walk abreast each other and engage in conversations undistracted by concerns about stumbling and hurting themselves.

We are grateful to neighbouring cottagers who volunteered their time to work on the trails, as well as to those who contributed historical information for inclusion in our Limberlost Master Guide. This information should help visitors spend many safe and stimulating days enjoying and learning about nature. The Limberlost Master Guide contains background information on popular natural features and selected wildlife habitats on the Limberlost property. Donations go directly to Trails Youth Initiatives, who have a Northern Campus at the Limberlost Forest.